Welcome to the new Francesca’s Words Site!

Hey hey and welcome to the new, sparkling and very official Francesca’s Words website!

You may know me from my blog, Indifferent Ignorance, or my main portfolio website. Or maybe you’ve found this site from my Folksy, NuMonday or Etsy shops. Or from Google, I suppose. Or my Patreon page, or my short stories blog. Ha. Anyway, welcome!

As you can probably tell from the distinct lack of fancy images, clickable buttons and jazzy widgets, this site is still very much a work in progress but I hope to use it to showcase my stationery and accessories business, and to use this blog to take you behind the scenes at Francesca’s Words HQ, aka my desk. IT’S GOING TO BE EXCITING. If I can make everything work properly. SUCH FUN!

Yeah, you can expect to see cute mythology-inspired cards, some sarcasm and some feminism. Thought I may as well set the tone early…

xo Francesca