Edit 19/12/2020: I’m pleased to announce that The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes is now available as an ebook! You can read it for free via various library apps; click here to view the list of retailers and library options.

Hi everyone,

With all the absolute madness going on at the moment with coronavirus, I’ve been thinking about what I can do to help. Practically, I can’t do much. You don’t want to hear me sing, I can’t volunteer for the NHS as I’m waiting on results of heart-related tests, I have no idea how to make PPE masks. But I do have a young adult fairy tale up my sleeve…

For the foreseeable future, I’m putting The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes online as a PDF. It’s completely free, you don’t have to sign up for a mailing list or anything like that.

The blurb:

On the magical island of the Three Kingdoms, disparaged teenagers quest to save their people from dragons, duplicity and dictatorship. This is a book of fairy tales, but not of happy endings. Don’t expect to fall asleep to sweet dreams when you’re done.

Feel free to send the link to anyone you know who’s stuck at home and likes to read! It’s a kind of lower-YA rating, so suitable for anyone about 13 or 14 upwards. If in doubt, ask a responsible adult to read it first? There’s magic! Adventure! It’s quite gay! No one mentions the stockpiling of toilet paper!

If you enjoy reading, please hit me up on social media (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook). I’d love to hear from you! I also share stories every week on my stories blog (there’s some bonus Three Kingdoms content on there too). The Princess and the Dragon isn’t my only offbeat-oddball-magic story, so buckle up haha!

I’d also hugely appreciate if you could leave a review on my GoodReads, and consider taking a look at my Patreon page. I’m funding a professional, polished ebook of The Princess and the Dragon using Patreon, so if you’d love to get the ‘real’ version of the book, please consider joining in! I also name characters after patrons, just saying. You can learn more about how I’m using Patreon here.

Enjoy reading and stay indoors,


blue and white illustrated cover of 'The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories of Unlikley Heroes' by Francesca Burke, including stars, a large dragon, a skull, moon, swords, a rabbit and a tower