Hi everyone,

I’ve opened a Ko-Fi page, as I’m aware that lots of you enjoy my stories and would love to support them, but don’t want to commit to becoming a regular patron (which I fully understand). Ko-Fi works as a one-off thing, with each payment pre-set at £3, so you’re literally buying me a coffee, geddit. You could of course purchase a whole shop of ‘coffees’ if you were so inclined, I suppose, but I like that Ko-Fi lets you support creators in a quiet, whenever-you-can sort of way.

Just like Patreon, I will be using my Ko-Fi page to help fund my writing (current project: an ebook of The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes) and to help fund, you know, my life. After fees, which I think are 2.5% but I could be bullshitting) the funds will be split 50/50 between the two things.

Thank you in advance for any coffees! Don’t tell the Ko-Fi people that I am actually much more of a fan of really strong black tea…