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Reviews for The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes

It feels very much like coming home, the world is her own but it reminded me of fairy tales I used to read when I was younger. The way she eventually weaves these stories together was a joy, although this world and these characters are only with us for around 200 pages, there’s something welcoming about them that makes us feel safe.

Blogger review, by Em

When reading a fairy tale, it tends to be obvious from early on whether it’s a story intended to be read by a child alone, or by an adult reading to a child. The best stories, however, combine the best of both worlds. Those are fairytales that a child can enjoy on their own, but with enough nuance lurking under the surface that the adult can appreciate them too – whether they’re reading to a child, or for themselves.

Blogger review, by Maria Stanislav

Francesca writes with plenty of humour, wry little asides and jokes which again, feel like a friendly storyteller passing comment on their own creation. Unlike some authors, these dashes of humour are smooth and natural, adding seamlessly to rather than jarring you out of the world setting.

Customer review via Amazon
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