The No. 1 Readers’ Club

Like a lot of creators, I use several channels for my income and to build myself a sustainable career. I like to combine big goals like building a sustainable career with fun goals, like the ability to chat to you guys and have a friendly, open kind of author-reader relationship. No one’s living in any high towers here, except for that kid in The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes.

The No. 1 Readers’ Club on Patreon

Join the No. 1 Readers’ Club on Patreon to support my work on a monthly basis! Patreon is where I share my short stories before they go anywhere else, plus exclusive updates on projects I’m working on. I name a character after every member (yes, all of you), your name will feature in the thank yous of every book I publish, and depending on the tier you choose, I’ll also write you regular letters, send merch, and do tarot readings (there are six tiers to choose from, and you’re billed monthly). I named it the No. 1 Readers’ Club because you guys are my number one readers. Also, I like plural apostraphes.

Not quite ready to commit to the No. 1 Readers’ Club as a regular?

I get that. If you’d like to support my work on a one-off basis, you can use or buy me a ‘coffee’ on Ko-Fi.

A Breakdown of Where Your Money Goes

When you join the No. 1 Readers’ Club on Patreon, there are six tiers available: £1 per month, £3, £5, £8, £12 and £15 (if you aren’t in the UK, you can choose other currencies, including USD, EUR, CAD and AUD). Regardless of which tier you join or the currency you pay in, your money is split as follows:

  • 20% Patreon and bank processing fees; costs associated with running a membership platform
  • 80% The Bank of Francesca, because, you know, income

The fee structure’s a little different on Ko-Fi, and there are no perks (other than the warm fuzzies, of course). You won’t get the merch, ebooks, letters, etc., but after fees, all the money helps me out in the same way Patreon does!

Frequently Asked Questions About How Patreon Works

Could I do a one-off pledge? Can I cancel pledges at any time? Can I pledge anonymously? What the hell is Patreon anyway?
Patrons are charged on the first of every month, and if you want to only pledge once, you just have to cancel before the start of the next month. If you have pledged to the higher tiers bear in mind that if you cancel after one month, you won’t get certain rewards! Also, you’ll miss out on all the other stories I write.

I will always see your email and payment details, which are strictly confidential, and you can request that I use an alternative name when dishing out rewards. Here are the guys at Patreon explaining how it works.

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