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    Become a Patron

    I’m currently working on my first properly-long-novel-length-book. It’s  untitled but I’m calling it dragonnovel. Because, er, there’s at least one dragon in it. (No, it’s not Game of Thrones fan fiction.) And you can be a part of it by becoming a patron! Writing a properly-long-novel-length-book takes time, and I could use some breathing space financially while I write […]

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    Francesca’s Words are a collection of stationery, accessories and art born from my desire to find entertaining and thought-provoking gifts, artwork and stationery supplies that don’t break the bank. From sarcastic postcards to quirky pocket mirrors, each piece was designed as an alternative to saccharine, patronising or listless products available in mainstream retailers. In my […]

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    Started in August 2017 as a platform to share short stories, my stories blog is a collection of my recent short stories free to read. If you like them, please consider pledging to my Patreon – I’ll name a character in my first full-length novel after you for just a dollar a month, and you’ll […]

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    About I started my blog, Indifferent Ignorance, in 2009 as a platform to share dog photos, music and what I think of current affairs. Contribute If you’ve come across indifferent ignorance, send it to Indifferent Ignorance at transmissions@indifferentignorance.com. Buy Find Indifferent Ignorance merchandise on Francesca’s Etsy.    

  • Work in International Publications

    Work in International Publications

    My fiction stories have been included in Trawler magazine and on The Story Shack. My articles have appeared on lifestyle site The Beard Mag, Australian music and culture site Outlet and Italian arts and culture blog Queste Non E Arte. An except of an article she wrote for her school magazine was included in the […]