Hi! Francesca Astraea here. I’m a writer founder of the Do Something Directory. I’m not really on social media anymore, so here’s where you can get hold of me!

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Francesca’s Words in the Press

Artemis Was Right print featured on (April 2018)

Women’s March London Instagram takeover Discussing voting and elections on the Women’s March London Instagram account (three individual posts) (May 2017)

Why Do I Even Bother? I Know I’ll Look Great on I Am Foxxtailz Alternative style blogger Jess Ayton reviews a pocket mirror (April 2016)

Interview with Vale of Vale’s Bookshelf Interview with book blogger Vale about book reviews and blog (December 2015)

#revenge10 MCRmy Meetup Documentary Discussing My Chemical Romance and as part of a documentary about My Chemical Romance the MCRmy (June 2014)

Virtual Panel With Five Authors from The Story Shack Discussing writing influences and experience (January 2014)


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