I feel that every company, however small, should keep environmental sustainability at the heart of operations. It might be easier said than done when most of your business relies on paper, but that’s no excuse not to try!

Going Plastic-Free in All Packaging

The ultimate aim is to ensure all outer packaging is free from plastic and is recyclable, biodegradable or made from recycled materials. As of 2019, the only mailing envelopes I use are Green Jiffy Bags, which are made from recycled materials and contain no plastic. I also phased out plastic FRAGILE tape in favour of a stamp, and my return address labels are made from recycled paper.

Regarding internal packaging, I am phasing out standard cello bags and replacing them with biodegradable Eco Craft bags. While some vendors don’t use cello bags at all, I feel that it’s important to store and mail paper items in a waterproof case. Cello bags also help keep products free from dust and fingerprints. I also use paper bags (easily recycled), stickers made from recycled paper, and business cards and compliment slips made from pulp.

Reducing Waste in Packaging

I’m experimenting with different packaging options, to keep my costs down and to ensure you never pay more for shipping than you need to. I’ve stopped using paper bags to package orders, because I felt they are unnecessary, and over the course of 2019 am trying different ways to wrap products.

Furthermore, I’m trialling biodegradable shipping labels and mailing accessories such as envelope stickers – although I’m determined to keep Francesca’s Words as environmentally friendly as possible, I don’t want to compromise on quality!

Product Sustainability

Unfortunately Francesca’s Words does not manufacture products in-house and relies on third party suppliers. Prints are by Moo, pencils from We Name It, totes from The Clever Baggers and cards from Art2Card. Every effort is made to buy in bulk to cut down on packaging and travel costs.


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