Hi! Francesca Astraea here. I’m a writer founder of the Do Something Directory. I’m not really on social media anymore, so here’s where you can get hold of me!

Francesca’s Words are a collection of stationery, accessories and art born from Francesca’s desire to find entertaining and thought-provoking gifts, artwork and stationery supplies that don’t break the bank. From sarcastic postcards to quirky pocket mirrors, each piece was designed as an alternative to saccharine, patronising or listless products available in mainstream retailers. In her Etsy shop you can find greetings for every occasion, downloadable zines and the occasional drinking game…

Everything in the shop is designed, packaged and mailed by Francesca, and each product is produced in the UK. If you’d like anything customised, or are interested in an entirely custom order, just use the ‘request custom order’ button in the shop.

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