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image with the cover of The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes by Francesca Astraea

On the magical island of the Three Kingdoms, disparaged teenagers quest to save their people from dragons, duplicity and dictatorship. This is a book of fairy tales, but not of happy endings. Don’t expect to fall asleep to sweet dreams when you’re done.

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Suave philosophical musings of verbal vomit, depending on what you agree with.

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Closing Stationery Shops on 1st September

Hello! I will be closing my stationery shops (Folksy and Etsy) on 1st September, with 31st August as my last mailing day. My workload is increasing and I thought it best to stop spinning at least one plate before it breaks. There is 20% off most items in both stores! The prices are the same […]

Newsletter Reminder

Hi everyone, Just a reminder that I run a monthly (ish) newsletter. I’m using social media less and less, so it’s a great way for me to have a chat with readers and shop customers, share my blog posts and announce updates or new releases. You can join the newsletter using this link. You’ll have […]