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copy of 'The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes' paperback on a shelf

The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes

On the magical island of the Three Kingdoms, disparaged teenagers quest to save their people from dragons, duplicity and dictatorship. This is a book of fairy tales, but not of happy endings. Don’t expect to fall asleep to sweet dreams when you’re done.

blue grey and white card reading 'I love you more than Zeus loves his current nymph/mortal/minor godling'

Stationery & Accessories

Stationery and accessories for the smart, sarcastic and socially conscious. Cards, pencils, prints and tote bags available now.

photograoh of Raven's Prophecy tarot by Maggie Stiefvater, next to hand


Suave philosophical musings of verbal vomit, depending on what you agree with.

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