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I’m so pleased to announce that my novel The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes is out as an ebook and as a paperback via Amazon! Read on for links for buying, reviews, cover and more.

I am paying for 3 copies of the book (3 for the ebook, 3 for the paperback) for readers who can’t otherwise afford it. If you or a friend would love to read the novel, get in touch with me and I’ll sort you out with a copy!

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Read more about the novel and the work that went into it, including the cover and typesetting, on this part of the site, ft. cute artist illustrations! You can watch the pelease party Q&A I did for the novel on Facebook.


On the magical island of the Three Kingdoms, disparaged teenagers quest to save their people from dragons, duplicity and dictatorship. This is a book of fairy tales, but not of happy endings. Don’t expect to fall asleep to sweet dreams when you’re done.

Longer blurb for you guys who need convicing

Princess Amelia’s home, the Kingdom of Mirrors, is on its knees, ravaged by the cantankerous Sapphire Dragon. She must find a way to rid her country of its unwelcome guest and work out how to restore its fortunes before her parents marry her off to clear the kingdom’s debts. Prince Richard of the Valley of Dreams knows he’s not very heroic… he’d rather read about quests than actually go on one. But when he finds himself travelling to a haunted tower, he discovers a treacherous conspiracy that could rip the Three Kingdoms apart… and learns there might be some heroism tucked up his sleeve after all. Esme Delacroix is a psychic living in Stormhaven, the only part of the Three Kingdoms where magic is taboo. A terrifying vision sends Esme and her friend Violet on a perilous quest that shakes Stormhaven and the Three Kingdoms to its core.

Content warnings

Violence, abuse, kidnapping, blood, homophobia. Please consume responsibly.

blue and white illustrated cover of 'The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories of Unlikley Heroes' by Francesca Burke, including stars, a large dragon, a skull, moon, swords, a rabbit and a tower

Cover design and illustration by Nell from Instagram.