Standard Reminder I Have Things You Can Gift This Holidaytimes


As we are nearing COMMERCIAL HEAVEN WINTER TIMES aka mid-December, I thought I’d share a few places you can pick up my work, if you are in the market for gifts this COMMERCIAL HOLIDAY OF YOUR CHOICE. (If you aren’t and you hate everything, um, here’s a website I run that helps you find charities you can support this winter instead.)

  • Here’s a list of ebook and paperback retailers where you can find The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes (including Waterstones online, which is cool huh). I’m not doing any events this year so I can’t sign them before/when you buy, but you’re welcome to print this out as proof that I hope the recipient likes the book: HI RECEPIENT ENJOY THIS BOOK I HOPE YOU LIKE THE CLIFFHANGER XOXO
  • Here is my RedBubble, where you can get my old stationery designs on new stationery!
  • To be honest I’m not really anywhere else on the internet anymore except my blog which is not really a gift unless you want to read 12 years of prattling. Oh, I send out a newsletter sometimes?
  • I am also on Patreon but short of giving someone else your card details, I’m not sure if you can gift that yet.
  • If someone who’s good at TikTok could share this on there, that would be grand. I’m told that’s the place to go for YA fantasy nowdays, but unfortunately I am these days a cave dweller with seventy two upcoming deadlines, so I’ll leave the social medias to the Youth.

That’s it. Here’s an image of my book cover for SEO purposes:

cover and illustrations surrounding 'The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes' by Francesca Astraea

Have a good wintertime!


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