Tumblr Features + Beards of Instagram Article + Art Bundles


This week has been big for my Etsy on Tumblr – on Saturday, Cute-Etsy featured my I Know I’m Beautiful, But… pocket mirrors and today Cute Stationery featured my F Words postcards! Officially cute according to two separate sources… who’d have thought it. Incidentally I have also been working on a new layout for my work Tumblr account. I have been on Tumblr a relatively short time compare to my other sites so please bear with me if I accidentally turn it neon green…

There’s also a new Beard Mag article out – a round-up of the best bearded men on Instagram. I recently finished a TV-related list of a similar ilk which should be out soon. Spoiler alert: Game of Thrones features heavily!

Finally, I’ve been going through old supplies and unearthed some Heroes of Olympus fan art that I made many moons ago. It deserves to go to a good home instead of gathering dust, so I’ve made one-off bundles available here.


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