Bank holiday weekend was weird for my Instagram; my Feminism Warning print was featured by Young Vagabond, Feminism Freak, and Pride of the Humans and between them clocked up 3k likes.

I never expected to get that sort of response on anything, ever, so because I know an opportunity when I see one I brought forward my next Civil Writes product: bundles, with all F Words work in one item. So if all 3k of you would like to line the pockets of a fellow feminist, you know where to go! If you see my work anywhere on Instagram that isn’t credited back to me, please tag @francescagotconceited so I can see it and people know where to go to see more of the same.

Feminism Bundle

I’ve also published a new Mytholgy Mayhem product, my Saturnalia postcard. Saturnalia, the forerunner to Christmas, is only really known these days as the forerunner to Christmas, but a lot of people joke about it and a lot of mythology nerds would love a Saturnalia card these holidays!

Saturnalia Postcards

My third Patreon review, of Holy Cow by David Duchovny is also up on Indifferent Ignorance; you can pledge to support my Patreon here.

Hope your Septembers are all off to a good start!