Completed Grumpy Greetings Postcard Set & New ‘Ghost Stories’ Posters

Last week I completed my Grumpy Greetings postcard collection, which now includes two different thank you notes and a ‘Happy 18th Birthday’ edition. All postcards are available as prints and digitally here… there will be some Christmas ones, so keep a look out.

Grumpy Greetings Complete Set

I’ve also opened pre orders for my Ghost Mortal Alliance posters, which are taken from the Ghost Stories zines. Volume III will be out on Friday 13th November, and in the mean time you can get all three posters from Etsy, along with the zines themselves and mini art prints of the covers. I’ll be posting more Ghost Stories as we get closer to Halloween and Friday 13th – look out for something special on my Tumblr.

Ghost Mortal Alliance GS Vol II Ghost Mortal Alliance GS Vol III Ghost Mortal Alliance GS Volume I

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