Outlet Mag + Interview with Jicsi’s Jewellery + Craft Fair + ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ Review

Hey everyone,

Lots of news this week!

I’ve started writing for Outlet Mag, and my first article is a review of Chvrches’ new album, Open Every Eye. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be interviewed by the lovely Jess over at Jicsi’s Jewellery about my Civil Writes collection. Keep your eye out for a second part soon, and in the mean time take a minute to appreciate how cool she makes my stuff look!

Jicsi's Photo

If you’re in Southend on 24th October, you can find my friend Ruby and I at the Cliffs Pavilion autumn craft fair. Ruby’s selling her (incredibly cute) handmade brooches, and my stationery and accessories will be there too.

Finally, my next Patreon review, of Judith Kerr’s wonderful When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, is on Indifferent Ignorance now; you can support my work on Patreon here.

Oh, and there will be some new Ghost Stories things around soon…


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