Free Stickers with Black Friday Orders, Plus Patreon and Jicsi’s


Lots has gone on this week and I thought I’d better put it all in one place before I forget completely…

The second part of the interview I did with Jess at Jicsi’s Jewellery is online; in this part we talk about mythology and the inspiration behind my Mythology Mayhem collection. I love Jess’ jewellery and nearly bought a fortune teller bracelet from her shop the other day – definitely check it out.

I’ve added to my Patreon so anyone who pledges $35 at a time will receive quarterly snail mail parcels from me as well as a letter. So far my thinking is that the parcels will be full of useful and pretty things, like socks and artwork I think you’ll like. You can see my whole page plus the perks here.

In Etsy news, I’ve updated my postage options so everything is cheaper to ship, essentially, and postal upgrades are available as usual. Plus, from Black Friday until 6th December, every physical order will receive a free sheet of my stickers… if you ordered stickers, you get more stickers.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the States!


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