Hi everyone, hope you’re all having a good holiday!

Yesterday the lovely Vale at Vale’s Bookshelf published an interview I did with her about Indifferent Ignorance and book reviews (coincidentally the book I was reading at the time, Persuasion, became December’s book review for my Patreon).

Persuasion by Jane Austen

I also have a Christmas present type thing running on Indifferent Ignorance at the moment; I’m giving away Headspace vouchers to anyone who wants them – I can’t recommend the app highly enough, seriously – so head over there if you’re interested!

Finally, since it was Saturnalia last week, I’m running a promotion on my Etsy until 6th January: to get 15% off all purchases, use the code SATURNALIA15 at the checkout.

That’s all from me until the new year (probably), so thank you very much for your support this year and I will see you in 2016!