New 5×7″ Prints Available & US Election Satire

Hi everyone,

After quite a few requests for larger prints, I recently introduced some 5×7″ pieces to my shop. They can still be sent as postcards or used as cute but-not-so-little tags, with the added bonus that they make excellent pieces of easy to frame wall art. You can so far get my most popular pieces in 5×7″ prints: my Artemis and my F Words pieces (they are currently limited stock though, as I’m not sure how popular they’ll be). I’ve also got two completely new designs solely in 5×7″ because, well, I think they need to be shouted extra loudly…

Don't Vote Trump print by Francesca's Words
‘Don’t Vote Trump’

Available here.

We Should Have Known 2016 Would Be Terrible When Bowie Died. 2016 satire by Francesca's Words
‘We Should Have Known 2016 Would Be Terrible When Bowie Died.’

Available here.


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