General Election 2017: Introducing ‘Who Do I Hate Least?’ and ‘The Students’ Guide to Voting’ to Help You Vote

Hi everyone,

I’m settling back into British life (aka waking up each morning and uttering the words ‘why is it so cold?’ until I’m brave enough to poke a toe out from underneath the duvet) and in response to the upcoming general election I’ve made a couple of new pieces…

Students Guide to Voting GE2017 by Francesca Burke

I’m worried students won’t register to vote (deadline 22nd May; register here) so this is a leaflet to put up in common rooms, coffee shops, car windows etc. You can download and print or email the digital edition from my Etsy; the leaflets themselves should be online at the end of this week.

Who Do I Hate Least voting guide General Election 2017 by Francesca Burke

I’m not sure who I’m going to vote for yet (the phrase ‘caught between a rock and a hard Brexit’ comes to mind), so I’m hoping these will help me – and you – decide. You can download and print four coloured sheets here, and the print version – which will come complete with a pen, I might add – should be online later this week as well.

Have a good week,


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