Francesca’s Words at Village Green Festival in Chalkwell Park, 8th July

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce that I will be at the Village Green Festival in Southend’s Chalkwell Park on 8th July, along with everything from my shop that I can fit into my car plus a lot of snacks. Come and say hello to me and a tonne of other local artists and crafty people at the Art Car Boot Rally from 11am to 9pm. I’m reliably informed that the festival includes live music, community art events, theatre, dance and a great deal of food trucks so it’ll be a good day out (as long as you bring both Factor 50 and an umbrella). You can buy tickets in advance here – otherwise they’re available on the door on the day – and RSVP on my Facebook page here.

Metal Culture Village Green Festival 2017 Art Car Boot Rally Francesca's Words

Hope to see you there!


2 responses to “Francesca’s Words at Village Green Festival in Chalkwell Park, 8th July”

  1. […] moment but I think I’ll make it on to something new next week. I’m a bit harassed with Village Green until Saturday – I have an internship to attend, hair to dye and several paper bags to stamp […]


  2. […] at Village Green this Saturday so Read, If You Like… will probably go up Monday. If you’re one of the #BroodyBFFs, link me […]


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