Hi everyone,

Happy August! I am most definitely doing that thing where old people say ‘where has the year gone?’ but seriously I was writing you all from Cambodia about two weeks ago?! Anyway, I bring good tidings to those of you in the UK: whenever I’ve asked people how I can improve the shop, they’ve asked for free postage. If it’s between a percentage discount and free postage, they want free postage. If it’s between the second coming of Christ and free postage, they want free postage. So, because I am a benevolent soul with the loveliest customers on the Internet, I’ve put free UK postage onto everything on my Etsy for the foreseeable future. You don’t have to enter a coupon or anything, it’s all automatic. It’s just a trial for the moment (maybe three months) but if you guys are into it, I’ll make it a permanent thing.

You’re welcome, I guess.

I have to go and do accounts now so I will leave this here. Don’t forget there’s still a contest on Tumblr to win one of my tote bags (ends 13th August!) and keep an eye out because I’m actually writing some stuff that might make it past the draft stage and onto the Internet.

Have a great week,