Etsy News: No More Single Notebooks or Stickers After July

Hey everyone,

Etsy is putting its transaction fees up in July, and to cut a long story short this means that I can no longer afford to offer stickers, notebooks, A6 prints or bundles of any of the above at their current prices. I am gradually swapping out A6 prints for either 5×7″ ones or actual cards anyway, but I can’t really increase my sticker or notebook prices as they are already pushing the limits of ‘affordable to my audience’. Plus my international shipping fees will have to increase in July as well (Etsy will take a cut of postage prices as well as the product price. Don’t get me started!).

So as soon as my current batch of A6 prints, any listings with stickers and single notebooks/notebook bundles are sold, I will not be restocking them as they currently stand.

SO. KIDS. I’ve gone through my stock and listed EVERY A6 print and sticker I can find! If you have ever considered buying any of the above mentioned products, NOW IS THE TIME. I will probably unlist the items before 16th July, which is the day Etsy’s fees increase, because I will lose a fair amount of money on them, so get them while the going is good. Also I have the Youth Market on 14th July where they may sell out anyway.

Every listing that will be gone after 16th July now has a lovely message telling you that in the description; I’ve included some photos of the little critters. I’ll be sharing more over the next few weeks, just to really hammer the point home. Have a browse and for the love of god click ‘add to cart’ in the next calendar month. UK postage is always free.



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