Civil Writes: Feminism Friday – Strong Female Character

Happy Feminism Friday!

When I was small (smaller) I was very academic, very precocious and was the reluctant owner of a mane of untameable hair. So was Hermione Granger. When I discovered The Internet I fell a bit in love with all the Hermione fan art – sometimes she had just hair like mine, sometimes she had afro hair, sometimes she had my skin tone, sometimes she was darker – and it was brilliant, because by then Warner Bros had written Hermione into a character who was SMART and BEAUTIFUL and FUNNY, with hair that was PERFECTLY COMBED presumably because ISN’T THAT WHAT WOMEN ARE???

Actually Book Hermione is a massive handful and really annoying sometimes and *bangs drum* real. My hair is more purple than hers these days but she’s still my favourite of the Potter kids (and I am forever grateful that Emma Watson, ironically, is a staunch feminist with her own great head of hair).

That is the story of how I made my Strong Female Character print. You’re welcome, world. Write realistic depictions of humans. Never brush your hair. My feminism print collection is available on Folksy and on nuMonday.

Feminism, Fangirl and Strong Female Character definition prints

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