Commissions Open Until 31st May!

Hello hello,

I’m pleased to announce that short story commissions are open until 31st May. Everyone who joins the No. 1 Readers’ Club at the Afternoon Tea tier or above (and current members who upgrade!) enjoy a short story commission, written over the summer!

The details:

Stories will be anything from 1000 to 3000 words long (maybe longer if I get excited, a minimum of a thousand words) and will be written in June and July. They will appear on Patreon from July through September depending on how many there are, how long they are, availability of my critique partners etc. They’re going to be good – I’ll get them critiqued and do this properly!

What I’ll need from you: I’ll be in touch from the first of June asking for a prompt or your idea. Some people send song lyrics, some find a prompt by googling ‘short story prompt,’ some say ‘write an alternative to the last few episodes of Killing Eve.’*

*Well, they don’t say that, but I do.

Here’s the link again.

white on green text reading 'Commissions

For new & upgrading members of the No. 1 Readers' Club

Join between now and 31st May!'

As always, shout if you have any questions.

Look after yourselves,


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