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I’m currently working on my first properly-long-novel-length-book. It’s  untitled but I’m calling it dragonnovel. Because, er, there’s at least one dragon in it. (No, it’s not Game of Thrones fan fiction.) And you can be a part of it by becoming a patron!
Writing a properly-long-novel-length-book takes time, and I could use some breathing space financially while I write it. So half your money will go directly to the Bank of Francesca and contribute toward horrendous adult expenses like pocket tissues and windscreen washer fluid, and the other half will go towards my blog and website domains and tech expenses, so I can keep blogging, writing short stories and typing up dragonnovel on a working computer.
All patrons get:
  • Your name in the thank yous of dragonnovel plus behind the scenes updates and a bunch of exclusives via Patreon
  • Early access to the short stories I write when I take a break from dragonnovel
  • A character named after you in one of my short stories and/or dragonnovel
Depending on how much you pledge, you will also get:
  • An ebook/PDF of dragonnovel (I’m hoping to get the book traditionally published, but even if I end up printing it on my home printer and stapling it together to distribute on street corners, there will be an ebook/PDF)
  • A letter or postcard from me every month with cool lil updates in my very own spiky handwriting
To keep things entertaining, I’ve got little goals.
  • If 10 people pledge, I’ll do a dramatic reading of one of my old fan fictions (those things are like fine cheese… better with age. And alcohol.)
  • If 30 people pledge, then by then I will realistically have a decent enough draft of dragonnovel to give you guys a little snippet or reading
  • Look if any more than 30 people pledge I’ll probably visit you all in person to shake your hand and bless your children
A Breakdown of Where Your Money Goes
10% Patreon & PayPal processing fees
20% Blog & Website Domain & Hosting
20% Tech & Maintenance (computer programmes like MS Office so I can write nice and legally, insurance/maintenence for said computer etc.)
50% Wages (ugh, pocket tissues)What’s more, Patreon is ongoing. If you can afford $15 to help me out, you can pledge $1 and spread it out across the year, or do 3 months of $5. Anyone who pledges (and the pledge goes through) for a full month, from March 2018, will have their name in the dragonnovel thank yous.

Oh! FAQs!
Can I do a one-off pledge? Can I cancel pledges at any time? Can I pledge anonymously?
Yep! Patrons are charged on the first of every month, and if you want to only pledge once, you just have to cancel before the start of the next month. I will always see your email and payment details, which are strictly confidential, and you can request that I use an alternative name when dishing out rewards.You’re British. Why are pledges in USD?
Patreon is an American site. Don’t worry, I’ll always spell it ‘colour’. Current exchange rate: $1 = £0.72. Please note Patreon may also collect some VAT depending on where you live.

Here’s the link again, hint hint.

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